Venom: Nature’s Killer NOVA on PBS

I JUST finished watching, “Venom: Nature’s Killer” on my PBS channel and I’m really HOT. Super MAD HOT.

Not because today’s scientists are sampling venom from jelly fish, spiders, and lizards and coming up with medication that combats heart disease, epilepsy, and possibly cancer (awesome)…but because in the last 10 minutes of the clip, one scientist said on camera, and I quote…

The only reason why people would conserve nature is to make money off of it.

That is exactly what he said and what I frantically scribbled down. He refers to the pharmaceutical companies. They [pharmaceutical companies] don’t care about nature, but want to gain wealth. They employ many, many, many scientists.

Enough with the greed!!!

We, on the other hand, are true lovers nature. Money is not our goal. There are several organizations that protect nature on a volunteer basis. I am lucky to know several in my area:

Forest Preserve Volunteers of Cook County

Bartel Grassland Volunteer

Orland Grassland Volunteers

Chicago Audubon Society

Cranberry Slough Volunteers

Lake Katherine Volunteers

This is only a fraction of the volunteer opportunities in the Chicago area. I’m sure your area has several site opportunities as well.

If you are limited on time and cannot volunteer, you can still help….

Take a picture of your favorite place in nature and show a friend, show a neighbor, show an elderly person. Describe in great detail the wonderful sounds you hear when you took that picture. Use as many sensory words as you can….what did you smell, what did you hear, what was the temperature, were you happy, were you peaceful? Just share your experience. You will spark a tiny flame for nature in that individual’s heart. That is your contribution. You didn’t do it to make money, you didn’t do it to profit, you didn’t do it to better yourself…you did it for nature’s sake.

You are a true lover of nature.


BTW: This Saturday is the next FREE nature sketch class at the Little Red Schoolhouse Nature Center in Willow Springs, IL. Not doing it for money…doing it to ignite a passion for nature in anyone who wants it!

We LOVE nature!!!


  1. I watched the same program last night, Christine and was just as disgusted and disturbed. It also bothered me the way the jellyfish were used and then just tossed away like garbage. I realize that humanity has a long, long way to go before it outgrows its ignorance and greed. We will all be affected by the lessons that will need to be learned and that saddens me because many people who already know the lessons will suffer unjustly. In the meantime, the best we can do is honor God by connecting with nature with complete faith and trust in God who is all present, all knowing and all powerful and is, ultimately, in charge. Today, I will relax in the knowing that God IS in charge and the best I can do today is love everyone I encounter and accept what I cannot change. See you Saturday and hope anyone reading this will pick up their paintbrush, paints and a pad – or just pencils – and join us for GUARANTEED FUN!!

  2. Hi Christine: What you are describing so well are two different ethical stances towards nature and the environment. The pharmaceutical companies’ stance is utilitarian. Yours could be Peter Singers ethical position, Aldo Leopold’s position, or some other. When conflicting positions meet, something usually loses and in this case it is nature.

  3. Alanna: While I am not opposed to use wildlife to further science, I am opposed to doing so only to gain wealth. Complicated subject indeed! Thank you for your comment.

    Northern Birder: Yes, well stated. Very divided intentions, all we can do is do our best to protect nature! Thanks for taking the time to comment.

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