Sketch Class Results Feb 2011


Light snow, no wind

We first hike the Black Oak Trail, to get our blood pumping and connect with nature. The heavy odor of burnt firewood hangs in the air. I do not know where the smell originates. Fresh snow makes identifying animal tracks a lot of fun. Three individual coyote tracks, traveling together, stays with us 60% of the trail.

We stop to hear a soft, “tap, tap, tap” sound, right above our heads. It is coming from a red-bellied woodpecker. My attention shifts as two crows flying high above the woodpecker, head southwest in the deep gray winter sky. One crow leaves me with a “caw, caw!”

Thank you very much!


On our hike, the beautiful winter landscape takes a hold of us, plugging us into nature and slowing our hectic modern lives. Slowing is necessary, for us to fully focus on what has been made for our benefits. Nature is erasing our stress and recharging our batteries to last another week.

We return to the educational center to begin our sketch class….


We decided to sketch wildlife subjects inside the new educational building. In this photo Alanna is sketching a flying goose. Go Alanna, go!


Fred, a newbie to the sketching class, decides to sketch a flying goose in graphite. Great choice!


Here is their subject.


Michelle and I decided to sketch this great horned owl. How fortunate we are to live close to this amazing Little Red Schoolhouse Educational Center!


This is Alanna’s amazing watercolor sketch of the goose.


Fred’s graphite sketch is breathtaking!


Michelle did an awesome job on her great horned owl watercolor sketch! Watch out, it’s going to get you!


Here is my great horned owl watercolor sketch. What fun I had!


Michelle, Alanna, Fred, and I

We did it! What a grand time we had as we studied nature while the snow was softly falling outside.

Maybe you would like to join us next month, on March 26th? This is a free event. Be prepared to take a short hike before we sketch. Most classes are held outside. Click here to see the class page and supply list.


  1. Amazing watercolor goose indeed, but because of your guidance, Christine! Each sketching class gives me more courage and encouragement to get out there and draw, paint and have fun. This was another terrific sketching class and I am so looking forward to the next! Thank you Christine and Little Red Schoolhouse for your guidance, lessons (free!!) and warm hospitality. I am so grateful for all of it. I’m going to go for the owl next time I’m at the nature center and see what I can do solo! I’ll let you know.

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