Arrowhead Lake Sunset Sketch

Arrowhead Lake Sunset watercolor sketch

A reprieve from winter, a welcomed mild day…how lovely!

Yesterday I made a quick stop at Arrowhead Lake. The sun, enveloped in a slight haze and in the company of dark blue clouds, sets behind the trees, giving me a peek-a-boo yellow surprise in between branches.

What do I hear? Unexpectedly, I hear the first chorus frog of the year! Wow! I just can’t control myself and I break out into a little happy dance right on the trail. It is justified.


Here is the photo, my quick sketch was done at home.


Along the trail, brilliant green moss grows outside of some drainage pipes. I love moss. It is nice to see some bright green color in the middle of drab winter blues and grays.


Here is an interesting composition of moss, grass head, and rocks. When you find something interesting while hiking, take the time to look closely. Inspect each inch, you may just surprise yourself.

I hope you enjoyed this quick stop at Arrowhead Lake. Remember when hiking, to always bring drinking water, even in the winter time. Check out this line of Camelbak Water Bottles, very convenient for staying hydrated.


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