Purring Kitty Drawing plus sound

Purring Kitty graphite and conte on gray paper

My crooked eared little kitty closes her eyes, nods her head, purrs ever so softly, and falls fast asleep.
rumble rumble rumble rumble…….

Oh how I love when she does that! I can sit and listen to her for hours. It is a great stress reliever.

Maybe you are allergic to cats and cannot be around one? I don’t want you to miss out on this tranquil sound. Press the sound button and listen to purring kitty. Peaceful purring kitty.

Have a wonderful, peaceful day!


  1. Love your kitty picture. You made fur look so soft and the hint of color, great job! .
    Looks similar to my own when she is
    Is content. Your Kitty sounds as happy as she looks! =)

  2. Sherry: Thanks! She is a cutie for sure, except for when she tried to take my food this morning..bad kitty..ha ha ha!

    jwms1: Thank you, she is a sweet girl 🙂

    carol: Thanks! I rubbed the color with my finger to get that soft look. What would we do without our animals? They give us so much joy!

    Joan: Thank you very much, the white makes it pop!

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