Nature Artwork Collection Video

I’m getting into the video mode again and just playing with Windows Movie Maker.



  1. What a delight to watch and listen to! What a happy heart you must have to be able to paint such delightful pictures! I love the music too…who was the artist? I’d like to find an album by them.

  2. Very nice video. I especially like the watercolor pastel combination. You capture the light so nicely that way. I’ve been following the progress of this group and hope to join you one day soon. Thanks for sharing.

  3. jwms1: Thank you…it’s fun to see them all together, like little children lined up. ha ha ha!

    Seeing Anew: Thanks so much for you warm comment. I could be in a bad mood, but as soon as I start drawing or painting anything in nature I’m instantly up beat!
    As for the song: You Tube has free music you can attach to your video. The song I chose is: “Bluebirds” by Elfed Hayes. I don’t know why the song title doesn’t show up when you play the video, because on YouTube it did the other day?
    Yes, that song is wonderful…I too would be interested to hear what other songs the artist has done.

    Amy: Amy! Yes! Join us! The next sketch class is Saturday April 30th at the Little Red Schoolhouse, more info and address is on the “class” page. We would love if you did try it out, and remember…I will not take a picture of you nor your artwork if you do not want…so no worries. I hope that take the fear out of things 😉
    If you cannot make it out that soon, there is always Saturday May 28th. I cannot have class in June of 2011, just a heads up. Thanks!

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