Bloodroot Watercolor Sketch

McClaughry Springs Woods Bloodroot – watercolor and micron

They’re hereeeee! It’s time for some spring wildflowers boys and girls. Get excited!

 It’s that fleeting time of year, when for a short time, the wildflowers pop up before the trees grow their leaves and the forest becomes shaded. Get it while it lasts.
One of my favorite spring-time wildflower is bloodroot. A white flower named for the red juice in the stem. I love how the young leaf envelopes the stem, like a blanket or a nice warm green sweater.
On the sketch it says: “Les fleus vivent dans les bois humides.” In French that means: The flowers live in wet woods.
These flowers were on the edge of the woods next to a stream in McClaughry Springs Woods.


Here are a few photos.


I also found squill in abundance…


What a beautiful carpet of flowers! Here is a close up…


I hope you enjoyed these photos and artwork, especially if you cannot get out yourself for whatever reason. I will bring the nature to you!

If you can get out, nature’s serving up some spring-time wildflowers…see them while you can.


  1. I am excited! Your sketch is terrific and makes me want to tuck my sketch book and paint box in my back pocket and head for the woods. I love the Bloodroot description in French – just sounds more elegant and dresses it up a bit. It is a lovely flower, looks a bit a like a water lily in dry dock. The squill is beautiful. I can never get enough of flowers in the blue/ purple part of the spectrum.

  2. I WISH we had bloodroot here. I’ve never seen it with my own eyes, but I think it’s one of the most beautiful flowers there is. There’s something just so wonderfully perfect about it!
    Sorry for my recent absence, but Spring’s my big business time & I’ve been taking full advantage!

  3. jwms1: Thank you! And yes, take your sketchbook where ever you go or maybe keep it in the car, then you don’t have to worry about it. Soon you will have a wonderful collection of memories! I love to escape to the woods, free therapy!

    Lana: It is so pretty, I wish you had it too. You go girl! I wish you much success on your selling!!!!

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