Lake Kathrine Spring Sketch

Lake Kathrine Spring watercolor sketch


Tender is the color of spring. Tender is the touch of the gentle breeze on my cheek. Tender are the babies which are born. Tender are the blossoms: pink, white, and blue.
Do you know what’s not tender in spring? Males protecting their territories! No tender, gentleness there. Yesterday I had the chance to enjoy nature at Lake Katherine. I observed a male swan threaten several geese by chasing them with his thunderous outstretched beating wings. Holy cow, what a loud sound! What an impressive site.
Stay back geese…stay back. Big white daddy coming after you!


  1. Beautiful and very nice post. I love the spring greens and subtle purples. How lovely to be able to observe daddy swam – from a safe distance!

  2. I hear you about the birds, but females can be just as vicious, of course. Both sexes of cardinal are completely intolerant of one another around our house this time of year.
    Lovely sketch! Sorry for my recent absence, too. I was on a road trip out West.

  3. jwms1: Thank you, yes daddy swan was very powerful! I will stay far away..hehehe.

    Joan: Thank you…we have had very weird weather, so when it’s nice…gotta go for it!!!

    Lana: I looooooove watching bird behavior, I learn so much. Cool road trip, can’t wait to see your awesome pics!

  4. Thank you so much for the post! I want to return to Lake Katherine again very soon. I visited it last year because of your previous post and loved the swans.

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