Sketch Class Results May 2011


Saturday we woke up to a very threatening sky. Dark and ominous. Ready to unleash buckets of rain? We didn’t know…but we took our chances anyway. And OH BOY I’m glad we did, because the rain held off right up until the end! Whooo Hoooo! Sketch class, here we go!

This is the scene we decided to sketch. This is Long John Slough facing east. On the left hand side of this photo, you might be able to see the bird house which caught our attention. A few birds landed on top of this bird house as we were sketching, however it was too far away to determine which kind of bird. We did recognize a single chorus frog which sang to us for a long, long time and one yelp from a bull frog. I think they enjoyed watching us sketch!


The weather didn’t stop these nature artists from doing what they love, sketching nature.
Several times we spotted a great blue heron fly back and forth over the slough. It was at this spot also, Michelle pointed out an indigo bunting male chase a female. Wow! What a beautiful blue bird!

It never fails, I am always more excited about whats going on around me than my own painting. Here is how our watercolor sketches turned out:

Michelle's Artwork
Rob's Artwork
My Artwork

It was very humid and very grey. Our paper took forever to dry, but we worked with it and our sketches turned out beautiful!!!


Behind us in the field, we found shooting stars. Aren’t they amazing!


We also spotted columbine growing along the fence. What a brilliant color. Other than that the spring wildflowers have all expired.

After our sketch we took a hike on Black Oak Trail and when we finished, it began to rain. We made it.

I hope you enjoyed our adventures at the Little Red Schoolhouse and maybe next time you would like to join us? There will be no class in June, but we will resume July 30, 2011.


  1. Looking at the photos of Michelle’s, Rob’s andyour paintings made me feel sad for missing May’s sketch class but I will sure be there on July 30th. I attended a watercolor workshop in May (the reason for my absence) and the artist teaching it said “everything you paint won’t be a masterpiece and don’t expect one every time or at all – masterpieces happen – the point is (1) to have fun and (2) learn something from each painting. Those are the very points you teach, Christine and I am looking so forward to the next sketch class with you in July! May’s paintings are just lovely and I was moved by their innocence and simplicity. They felt “pure” and I wanted to be in the place where they were painted when I saw them. Thanks again for your devotion to art!! — Alanna

  2. Alanna: We missed you too!!!! I’m glad your watercolor workshop was a success! You can teach the class and myself in July all the secrets you learned! 😉 I can’t wait!!!
    You are very correct when you state to just have fun and learn. I mean, why do it if it is not fun??? That’s why we have work. Painting nature is soooooooooo much fun.

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