Lamb’s Ear and Honey Bee Sketch

Lambs Ear watercolor and black micron pen

I have a patch of lamb’s ear growing in my garden. It is silvery-green/gray and grows quite tall with tiny purple flowers around the stem. The flower buds look like tiny silver blueberries clustered together.

The joy of this plant is to touch its soft, fuzzy leaves. To sit on the ground while breathing deeply, going back and forth over the leaves with your fingers is pure tranquillity and an instant stress reliever. It feels softer than suede…o how much fun!

How blessed we are…not only for its beauty but to be able to interact with this plant and take something away. I consider it no such luck nor just a random happening that this plant was created, but with full intentions of the designer to bring us joy. I am truly thankful.


Lamb’s ear grows close to the ground in the beginning of the year and then in late spring – early summer sends out tall shoots that flower.


Here is a close up of the delicate flowers.

In warmer climates this plant may be invasive and hard to control but in my area it is just fine. In the winter time, when I’ve had enough of the cold, I can look back in my journal, admire my fuzzy plant and dream of spring.


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