Organ-Pipe Mud Dauber Nest Sketch

Organ-pipe under bridge sketch

To go exploring wild and free, with not one care in the world… oh I wish you can experience this and treasure it forever!

That’s what I did with flip flops on, walking in the cold stream over algae covered rocks. Slow, slow, balance your steps. Don’t fall in, the rocks are slippery! Yes, for a few moments I was a kid again, in my own world, not paying attention to anything but nature. I wouldn’t have heard my name if called…just transfixed by questions in my own head. And discoveries….

close up organ-pipe mud dauber watercolor sketch

Walking under the bridge I looked up and found these beautiful organ-pipe nests. Mud dauber wasps create these condos by balling up mud and pasting on structures (under porches, bridges, walls, ect). The pipes can contain many cells where the wasps fill each cell with a larva and paralyzed spiders. The spiders are food for the larva to eat.

I was so excited about my discovery I told my child. Her response was, “What’s so exciting about that?”

What’s so exciting?!?

I FOUND IT! Nobody told me it was there. I have never even seen these before. I was exploring and made a discovery. It’s exciting to me.


Here is the photo of the nests under the bridge.

Here is a photo of the stream and bridge.

Maybe if my kid could pull herself away from Facebook for a second, she would be able to make her own discoveries! HA ha ha!!!


  1. Hello, Love these sketches and painting. Im teaching myself watercolor ect, having trouble with tree folidge can you please have teaching video on this?I like coming here you have so much for us who are learning. Thank you so for taking the time to have this wonderful blog, and If I lived in your area I would be at your classes.
    Have a wonderful day,

  2. Every once in awhile I prohibit my daughter from the computer and her phone as punishment for not getting her homework done or w.h.y. I always relish the time as she has to interact with the family and she actually produces some mighty fine artwork and we have some lovely chats as well

  3. jwms1: You are welcome! It is so much fun 😀

    zachynyoga: Thanks! I’ve seen wasps nests but never this cool. What awesome structures!

    Linda: I think that’s a great idea. I’m going to work on it this weekend. Maybe post it Sunday or Monday. It would be nice to have you in our class. Maybe if you are in the area for a vaca you can stop by!

    Michelle: Thanks!!! The sketch came out better than I thought it would…yay 🙂

    Jean: I hear you…our power went out for 3 days 2 summers ago after a storm, no electronics…yay! We actually had fun and talked a whole bunch. I loved it.

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