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Look how I did on my black walnut harvest!

Just keeping it real folks. Remember how excited I was last summer to harvest black walnuts and how I can see myself living off the land, yadda, yadda, yadda, oh boy…. I should have started with something a little bit more easy. After hours of… Continue Reading “Look how I did on my black walnut harvest!”

Living Off the Land – Black Walnut Sketch

Live off the land…that’s what I want to do…literally. My goal is to pay off all dept, sell my house, and live somewhere off-grid (no electricity, gas, etc). Bye, bye rate race…you can kiss it! I don’t know if this will ever be a… Continue Reading “Living Off the Land – Black Walnut Sketch”

Lucky Squirrel

This morning I had a visitor! Look who came by to my neighbors yard: It’s a beautiful hawk!!! I took this picture right out of my dirty window. He sat on top of that swing set for a really long time, just looking left,… Continue Reading “Lucky Squirrel”