Sketch Class Results Sept 2011


Beating the rain, the sketch class went forward to celebrate the autumn trees and the nature center which brought us together.


Sitting under a tree as the chickadees watch, they are the audience and we are the performers.


Versatile, we adapt to any situation and make ourselves comfortable.

The groups artwork...a work in progress.

Penwork was finished at home. The moisture in the air made drying difficult.


Now that we are finished, it’s time for a hike! What will we discover?


Tiny yellow cup-shaped fungi growing on the fence. Very cute.


Puff ball mushrooms were also found. These are growing on a decomposing log.


Last but not least, this fuzzy white caterpillar was right off the trail. I love finding treasures in the woods. Each hike contains new discoveries.


I hope you enjoyed this month’s sketch class and hike. Maybe next month you would like to join us?

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