Dariana’s Chickadee watercolor


I painted this for my friend’s step-daughter. She is visiting from Costa Rica. This is her first time in America.

So what does a girl from Costa Rica need from Chicago?


Unfortunately as it turns out, this is the mildest winter Chicago has had in a very long time. Mild and dry. Right now it is 53°F, downright hot for a January day in Chicago!

Oh well, we will bring the snow to her in the form of a watercolor painting! I hope she likes it! I wrote her a note on the back of the painting:


I do not speak Spanish. I totally cheated and went to Google Translate (hahahaha) and typed in this paragraph:
“Welcome to Chicago in the winter-time. I hope it is not too cold for you. I am happy to meet you! Your new friend, Christine.”

Maybe my Spanish speaking friends out there can tell me if I did okay?

The original painting is a gift, however if you are interested in an archival print or a greeting card with this image, please visit my page on Fine Art America:

Art Prints

Thank you!


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