Glitter Falling Snow watercolor sketch

Glitter Snowfall watercolor sketch

As the sun peeks out from the clouds, the snow is transformed into glitter. Glitter, literally.
It is falling soft and slow, straight down for there is no wind. A calm hush prevails.

It is a very holy moment.

As I sketch this scene from my window, a foreclosed house is in my view. There is no smoke from the furnace pipe and the eyes of the house are black and cold. My anxiety rises thinking of how many of these are on my block. Will mine be next?

But this moment is truly holy for God is trying to teach me how to be still, to appreciate this very time filled space and be happy in His wonder.

I close my eyes and praise Him for who He is. In the midst of all the problems, my anxiety fades away. I open my eyes and watch the sparkle of the snowflakes. Those tiny mirrors reflecting the sun, how amazing. I am happy. I am living in this moment. I am living under His care.


    1. He, he, he….. I cheated and painted this from my picture. You can however still paint with watercolors outside in extream cold by adding a few drops of vodka to your water. This will prevent your water from freezing.

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