Kitty Graphite Wash

Kitty from Behind - watersoluble graphite pencil

I decided to change up my mediums and practice sketching with something other than watercolors. General’s Sketch & Wash pencil (made in the USA, yeaaaaaah!!!) is a nice change of pace and I highly recommend it as a quick, yet fun sketching tool.

It acts just like a pencil, however it is watersoluble, which means you can take a clean water-filled brush and move the graphite around.

Kitty Profile - watersoluble graphite pencil

You do not need watercolor paper either. I drew this in a sketchbook with 70lb paper.

Between the two sketches, I think I prefer the simple line contour drawings over the heavily shaded profile sketch. Quick and fun!


  1. I have played with the water soluble graphite pencils, too. I like what you have done in both sketches. I think my favorite is kitty profile.

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