Look how I did on my black walnut harvest!


Just keeping it real folks.

Remember how excited I was last summer to harvest black walnuts and how I can see myself living off the land, yadda, yadda, yadda, oh boy….

I should have started with something a little bit more easy.
After hours of getting the husk off with my husband’s old boot and staining the garage floor (yeah…he’s not happy) resulted in about 40 walnuts. After soaking them in a pot of water to see which ones sunk (good meat inside) and which ones floated (bad meat inside, maybe has been eaten by some larva) resulted in 12 walnuts.

That’s it….12.

Oh well I thought, I’ll put it in salad at least.

After drying for a few months I struggled to open one with A HAMMER BECAUSE IT’S SO DARN HARD TO GET THEM OPEN…..sorry for yelling…and the meat was bad. Shriveled.

Good thing I wasn’t feeding my family or anything! Ha ha haaaaaa. I guess I will just leave the black walnuts to my enemy the tree rat (squirrel). You win this time Mr. Tree Rat…this time.


  1. I love walnuts and things made with them, but it’s to easy (but expensive) to buy them. My dad used to spread the walnuts out in the drive way (gravel) and back over them with the car, much easier way to husk them.
    Cool painting though!

  2. I use them to make dye and ink. No stress over trying to open them! How do those squirrels do it!?

  3. It makes one wonder how the pioneers decided that walnuts were worth the work of eating them. Maybe yours were of a defective type 😉 …

  4. My parents also spread them on the driveway to get the hulls off, then cracked them in the basement on newspaper with a hammer, then picked them one by one while watching TV with a pick! Stored in the fridge and used mostly for cookies and on ice cream. Serious dedication.

  5. I knew there was a good reason I buy my black walnuts shelled and in a bag– this explains it!! : )

    Very sorry for your bad experience, but it certainly produced a stirring tale– thanks for sharing!

    P.S. Please remove that failing grade, that’s too pretty a sketch to be defaced that way!!

  6. Hi Chris. I also know someone that lays the nuts in the driveway and runs them over with their car to remove the outer layer. It does stain the driveway though. I think you deserve an A+ for effort and a beautiful sketch!

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