Snail Home Watercolor


Snail Home Front Door
watercolor on hot press paper
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Snail Home Back
watercolor on hot press paper
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If you are a non-living object in nature (animal corps included), you just may find yourself on my dinning room table under a spotlight. I have collected dead birds, owl pellets, bones, shells, etc…and have inspected them closely at this very spot to the total disgust of my kids. I laugh every time.

When I found this very large snail shell (unoccupied), I knew I had to take it home. It had mud and green algae caked on so I placed it in a bowl with gentle soap and let it soak a bit.


Next, I gently scrubbed it with an old tooth brush.


And finally, being the girl that I am, I did what I knew best and painted the shell with clear nail polish.


It did what I was hoping for; to draw out the luscious colors and brighten up. So many beautiful colors came out…oranges, greens, browns, and reds. Now my study, the snail home, was ready for me to draw and paint from.

I never tire from treasures in nature. Someday I wish to show my collection along with artwork at the same time.


  1. Hey Christine, very nice watercolors and wow, what a big shell. I haven’t been painting with you all for a while, but plan to do so soon.


    1. Amy — Are you the artist who brought TomBow Pencils to one of the Little Red Schoohouse hike-sketching events? I have been using them ever since you (if that was you) introduced them to the group and I LOVE them. I use them with watercolors as well. When are you coming to another one of Christine’s sketch-painting Tombow events? If you are not the artist who brought the Tom Bows we miss you anyway and hope to see you soon.

  2. You are a lady after my own heart! Makes my husband crazy sometimes and he never knows what he may find in the freezer (awaiting future study!) stored next to his ice cream, but has grown to accept my eccentricities over the years. Showing your artwork next to your collection (inspiration) is a great idea!

  3. Huh. I think that explains all the non-living objects under my bed– they’ve heard about you and your spotlight and they’re hiding!! : )

    I wanna visit your Objects Museum when it opens, and I really dig your snail restoration, and the reflected light effect in your sketch. Lovely work, as always, and very, very interesting commentary!! : )

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