Autumn Thunderstorm and Tree Sketch


There’s something about a black autumn sky behind brilliant leaves. I love when menacing clouds gather, they seem to illuminate the trees and turn them on….just like a light switch!

That special treat is exactly what I experienced at my friend Alanna’s house recently. A very short but intense storm swept through with many lightning bolts and all of the yellows and reds in the leaves seemed to be on fire against the   clouds. I love experiencing and enjoying weather like that!!!


Here is a reference picture of the tree in her backyard well after the storm had passed.

What are some of your favorite weather moments???

Did you sketch them??

9 Comments on “Autumn Thunderstorm and Tree Sketch

  1. I Iove your aspen tree! And, I really like your emails!


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  2. Christine – You turn an ordinary scene into a beautiful painting! But I still do not understand why we cannot stand in an open field when it is lightening just because we are the tallest objects. I want to learn how to paint lightening when it’s up close and personal! How else can I do that?

    • HAHAHAAAA….yes, that was scary! Too close and we were right to take cover. What’s that scripture…..Do not test the Lord….or something like that?!? HA!

  3. Lovely sketch! And I’m with you all the way: nothing like sun-lit foliage framed against a menacing black sky. Is there a metaphor in there somewhere? When threats move in, perhaps that’s when we should “flame up” in fiery defiance!

    I like almost any kind of rain– but I’d hate to try to do any outdoor painting in it!! : )

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