Autumn Thunderstorm and Tree Sketch


There’s something about a black autumn sky behind brilliant leaves. I love when menacing clouds gather, they seem to illuminate the trees and turn them on….just like a light switch!

That special treat is exactly what I experienced at my friend Alanna’s house recently. A very short but intense storm swept through with many lightning bolts and all of the yellows and reds in the leaves seemed to be on fire against the   clouds. I love experiencing and enjoying weather like that!!!


Here is a reference picture of the tree in her backyard well after the storm had passed.

What are some of your favorite weather moments???

Did you sketch them??


  1. Christine – You turn an ordinary scene into a beautiful painting! But I still do not understand why we cannot stand in an open field when it is lightening just because we are the tallest objects. I want to learn how to paint lightening when it’s up close and personal! How else can I do that?

  2. Lovely sketch! And I’m with you all the way: nothing like sun-lit foliage framed against a menacing black sky. Is there a metaphor in there somewhere? When threats move in, perhaps that’s when we should “flame up” in fiery defiance!

    I like almost any kind of rain– but I’d hate to try to do any outdoor painting in it!! : )

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