A Very Late Spring Sketch – Papoose Lake


Oh tired and sleepy trees – wake up! It’s Spring!

Winter’s death grip has finally loosened up in the Chicago area. Wheeeew…it’s been a long one. The grass has responded  but the trees are still silent. Maybe this week of constant warm weather will liven them up?

Yesterday I went to Papoose Lake because I wanted to sketch something with water in it. I fell in love with this tree because of it’s limbs which resemble arms and elbows!

Later I drove to Country Lane Woods for a hike, because Papoose does not have trails. I was delighted to stumble upon Spring Peeper frogs calling in an ephemeral pond from last week’s downpour.

Here is a video…just for the sound of their call as I could not see them up close…

Spring Peeper Frogs and a few Chorus Frogs as well.

At Country Lane Woods I also observed many tiny Ruby-Crowned Kinglets flitting from twig to twig eating flying insects glowing against an afternoon sun. Once in a while they would briefly stop and I did get a glimpse of that ruby crown! Yesssssss.

Who’s ready for Spring?!?


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