Wolf Road Woods Watercolor Sketch


I escaped to the woods. I am on the hunt for I don’t know what.
Will I find peace of mind?
Will I find a revelation?
Will I just explore?
I pray it is all or any of these!

It is a mild 55°F. There is no wind and the sky is overcast. The air holds a faint sweet smell, I breath it in slowly and deeply.

Blue Jays look down on me as I pass on the yellow trail. They bellow their echo-like melody and my ears perk up. If the Blue Jays are the lead singers, then the Chorus Frogs are the backup vocals. From my ear drums to my mouth, a smile transpires.

Looking down beneath the dense shrubbery, I notice an Eastern Towhee skipping backwards through leaf litter making a loud scraping sound. He doesn’t know I can see him. Looking around him, I am exceedingly glad to see some spring woodland wildflowers! The first of the year for me. It’s about time.

Taking the yellow trail to the black trail, I am right where the red trail connects and I hear rushing water in the distance. Where is that coming from? I don’t know of any bodies of water except a small creek. I must explore. Walking off trail and down a ravine, I find a natural waterfall made by a felled tree. The recent rains are held back by this very large log, creating a plunging waterfall ringing in the depth of the ravine’s walls. I am lost in my own world.


I continue my way back to the black trail. This beautiful tree awaits me. I am guessing it is made my a Pileated Woodpecker as I did see one in a tree a few feet away. I put my fingers on the cavity opening. Such strength and power needed to create this… I would have paid to be in the audience watching this kind of talent.

I head back to my car, coming away with much more than I came with, thanking the Father all the way. Having peace of mind, a restful heart, new revelations and discoveries, my cup is overflowing.


  1. This sounds like the perfect nature stroll, I could hear all the amazing things you described. I agree, that’s a great tree, and it would have been fun to watch those holes being drilled.

  2. Thank you for such a beauitful post! Keep posting! Keep praying! Keep sketching! Keep evolving! You are an inspiration to me and so many others.

  3. Beautiful. For city people I think it’s a blessing to have the chance to be in that experience you had. I would love to visit nature and gain the priceless things such as peace of mind, a restful heart, new revelations and discoveries, my cup is overflowing.

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