On the Bathroom Ceiling – Mushroom


I am not making this up, folks!

How ironic I was just posting what grows on the forest floor (not done with that btw), when what do you know? Nature comes to me.

Yesterday I noticed a little nub in the upper corner of my bathroom…what in the world?!? Watched it closely and here is what developed…


Mushroom yesterday 6-25-13 at 7AM


Mushroom yesterday 6-25-13 at 6PM


Mushroom today 6-26-13 at 7AM

Now, I know it’s not healthy to have mushrooms growing in your home…all those spores I’m breathing in…and I notified the landlord, but I am kind of fond of the little fellow! He surprised me when I discovered him, I watched him grow, measured his progress, and permanently put him in my sketchbook.  Can’t help it, too late, I like him!


  1. I have a large brown spider in my bathroom. “Spidey” fell off his perch between the wall and the ceiling. Maybe he’s dangerous; maybe not but I love him.

  2. That is too funny! I’ve never heard of a mushroom growing indoors. Glad it has “grown” on you and is preserved for life in your journal.

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