Sketch Class Results Herrick Lake


(Amy, Christine, Donna, Angelic, front: Alanna, Debby)

Another sketch class! Where has the time gone? Wow, how these days are flying by…holy cow!! Slow down time….slow down so we can savor every beautiful moment in nature!

This last Saturday was another successful sketch class through the MeetUp site. We decided to meet at Herrick Lake in Wheaton, IL.

This is a traveling sketch group. We visit different locations throughout the Chicagoland area.

Do you think you need to be a good artist to join us? No! Not at all! First, it’s not about the final product. We DO NOT CRITIQUE our work. It’s all about getting out in nature and actually enjoying it! It’s about being with others who love nature and art as much as you do. It’s about discovering new mediums and art toys. It’s about sitting together and seeing that great blue heron fly right in front of us and getting excited together!!!
Second, there is NO such thing as bad artwork. So stop that negative thinking and get out there!!

Next, Do you think this is a girls only club? No again! (cough, cough, don’t be shy boys). Hahaha! Look at what you’re missing….


Isn’t it beautiful?!? This is Herrick Lake. Not too big of a place, but certainly striking.


We set up shop right along the edge of the water.


Nature is the stage and we are members of the audience…taking careful notes, of course! We love you, nature. ❤


Today was surprisingly cool. Cool and damp, but it did not stop us from appreciating what was before our eyes, filling our senses.


We came away with personal souvenirs…One moment in time captured in watercolor, trapped in our sketchbooks, bringing us happiness for years to come.


Here is a close up of my sketch. There were many people enjoying canoes (I wish I was one of them!!!) and I decided to do the quickest sketch I could of a family that passed by. Gotcha!

How are you enjoying the summer so far? Are you sketching it? You know, it will be gone before you know it! So, Let’s Paint Nature!!

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  1. It all looks positively idyllic. And what better way to commune with nature than with a sketchbook??

    Nice capture of the canoe– ya gotta work fast when your subject’s on the move!! : )

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