Fuzzy White Moth Watercolor aka Virginia Tiger Moth


Upon arriving to work in the morning, I was introduced to this very lovely creature…so white, so delicate, so foreign to any kind of moth I’ve seen before. It was our first meet. Who introduced us? God did when I heard, “look down”, as I was running late. Do you think that is crazy talk? Nah…. It just may be more crazy not to. Or more lonely, I don’t know.

This is the Virginia Tiger Moth, Spilosoma virginica. My watercolor doesn’t do it justice, and that’s okay it’s not all about me, but rather the spotlight is always on nature, so I’ve included the actual photo below. Male Virginia Tiger Moths have feather antennae which can pick up one single pheromone molecule  from a female. A pheromone is a chemical emitted to attract. Some perfumes today claim to contain pheromones to have the same effect….I’ve read it doesn’t work…but in nature it really does. Anyway, since my photo doesn’t show large feather antennae, I’m guessing this is a female, the pheromone emitter.


Isn’t she lovely? She was on a pane of glass low to the ground. This moth was about 1.5″. She didn’t stick around. In a few short minutes she was gone.

I am grateful to have met her.


  1. I have never seen anything like this moth. Breathtaking! I just discovered your site, and am already “in love”.

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