Help in Troubled Times -Free Download- Doing Good


FREE. Freeeeeeeee. This artwork is FREE!!!!

Wow! I haven’t done one of these in OVER a year! I think I’m sleeping at the wheel.  😮

Anyway, I give you this artwork for encouragement and something to pass along. free artwork doing good  <— save the PDF file, print it, share it.

I have a whole page of others you may be interested as well right here.

Sometimes going the extra mile for someone wears you out. You might not get anything in return. You might think, what’s the point because you feel unappreciated. But keep up the good fight! Never stop. You always can’t see what goes on behind the scenes, but your good works never go unnoticed.

Sometimes people blame God for good things not happening. But in reality we are God’s instruments. We are His hands. We are the ones roaming around with people in need all over the place.
I am in the process of reading Irresistible Revolution: Living as an Ordinary Radical, by Shane Claiborne for the 2nd time. It is an awesome, awesome book and Shane is a funny guy. To sum it up, what it means to really live the “Kingdom of God” is to help others and meet their needs. That’s what we are called to do here on this tumultuous planet.  🙂

So go out and do good, expecting nothing in return. Keep going and don’t give up. You will be taken care of, for you are loved.


  1. I love your artwork. This is an inspiring post. It reminds me of how the early church put all their assets out there to share and be shared by whomever was in need.

    1. Yes! I think that was a great way to live. I love the verse: Give to everyone who asks you, and if anyone takes what belongs to you, do not demand it back. Luke 6:30
      Thanks for the kind comment!

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