Cicada Coffin Sketch


Cicada Coffin

I found this little guy in the middle of the trail. He looked perfectly preserved. I knew right away I needed to sketch him. He brings me much joy.

The serenade of the cicada, when heard for the first time of the year, brings a smile from ear to ear. It represents more than just a mating call. It means summer. It means humid days, warm sunsets, and taking things a little bit slower.

When I hear that song, it lovingly reminds me of every summer gone by. So to walk past his corps and not make him eternal would just be thankless on my part.


Now he lives on forever in my sketchbook. I will release his body back to nature. Thank you cicada.

Paint and pray without ceasing,


  1. It’s so hard to see them when they are buzzing and rattling! Impossible, actually. Thank you for showing us how beautiful they are — I miss hearing them when they leave. Now I can look at our cicada in the winter and have fond memories looking forward to their return in August 2014.

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