Radnor Lake Watercolor Sketch – Tennessee


Vacation Time!!!
Oh Boy!
I recently had the chance to visit beautiful Nashville, TN, where there are green things growing and nothing is frozen! Yaaaaaaaayyyyyy! Holy Cow…this has been such a brutal winter in Chicago that I forgot what grass looks like. Really!

This sketch is of Radnor Lake, which is about 15 mins from downtown Nashville. Despite the cold look of the sketch (it was cloudy), the temperature in the morning was around 60°F…perfect for this frozen Chicagoan!


Here is a photo. This lake is surrounded by beautiful hills with tree scalloped edges. That’s just mouth watering to me because I come from the flattest state ever! What had me in awe was the different shades of blue for each distant hill. Just amazing!


And look who accompanied me on my hike…. wild turkey!!!!! Can you see him? There were 3 and it looked like 2 males chasing a female. She wasn’t too happy though! Hahaha

Hope you enjoyed this little getaway. More Tennessee sketches to come!

Hold on folks….spring is on its way!


  1. HI,

    One of the most beautiful landscape locations I’ve ever seen is about an hour East of Columbus, Ohio –where the famous “mounds” are. The country gets really hilly there as one approaches the West side of the Appalacian Mountains. We saw the “serpent mound” up there while we were in the area. Gorgeous!!


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  2. I’ve been receiving your newsletter for a while now, but this is the first time I’ve left a comment. You are an absolute magician, transforming a complex real-world scene — often with undesirable aesthetic elements — into a pure, beautiful artistic representation. And you make it look so unhurriedly simple. I have learned so much from looking at *all* your painting gems. Thank you very much. Larry

  3. Thanks so much for sharing! Beautifully spontaneous like all your work. I’m 3 hours north of Seattle in Vancouver, Canada…..my grape hyacinths daffodils and tulips are in bloom and my lawn reeeeaaaallly needs to be mowed. We’ve had a relatively mild winter even for our standards but definitely mild compared with what the East has had to endure. Hopefully you will make it out this way one day, it truly is beautiful. Loads of material to paint! Your painting of Tennessee reminds me of some of our scenery!

    1. Oh Boy! I would love to visit your area! It sounds amazing and you are really fortunate to have a mild winter. I hope the Chicago area gets out of winter some day…… hahahaha
      Thanks for the comment,

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