Tender Devotion Watercolor – Winter Tree


The light changes
and you catch yourself holding your breath.

A fiery glow in the horizon…enthralling.

Its ending presentation
a hot display
turns into a mauve hush.

Oh quickly went the dusk
that took my tender devotion;
Can we meet again tomorrow?

Over the weekend my intent was to be in the woods. As the day progressed other needs won my attention, not willingly though. As the hours passed, at one point I should have just jumped in the car and left but I couldn’t for the life of me. I don’t know why. I sometimes get like that. It’s like I was stuck. Discouraged, I said a prayer.

Just then as I looked out my window and the most beautiful winter sunset was a glow behind some trees.

God brought the nature to me. And I really needed that. This painting was done from my living room. God is good. His love endures forever!

If you would like a print or greeting card of Tender Devotion click here.


  1. Rain-black branches pressed against
    The setting sun – they are blacker than
    The shadows they throw … Blacker than
    The snow-dulled edges of the park bench
    I am rooted to … That the watercolored fox
    Cowers under … And the wine-dark memory
    Of a raven weaves into one last story before I go.

  2. I just went to a Lenten mission where the priest said: “Ever feel like God just gave you a wink to let you know things are gonna be OK?” Sounds (and looks!) like He gave you a beauty, Christine. Great story, lovely work! : )

    1. Thanks Mark! And aren’t God winks awesome?!?!? Sometimes we need to be still and quiet to receive them. In our fast pace crazy society, that can get hard to do. I have to keep telling myself…slow down…slow down… Sounds like you can tune in to those quiet God winks too. Praying He sends you many!

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