Arrington Vineyards Watercolor Sketch


This is Arrington Vineyards of Arrington, TN. Even in the month of March, the Vineyard is beautiful…and I can’t get enough of those blue rolling hills.

I’m a red wine girl, but it can’t be sweet. So at the suggestion of the friendly and knowledgeable  staff, I bought a bottle of Red Fox and sat on the deck of the lovely shop and enjoyed the atmosphere immensely!


It was quite cold and very windy, however the deck has plastic shields and heat is pumped in to keep you warm. They allow you to bring your own food too! So instead of BYOB it’s BYOF…hahahaha!!!!


The countryside is absolutely beautiful even in the cold . I would love to come back in the summertime and see the grapes growing on the vine. It would make a lovely watercolor sketch.


  1. great watercolor sketch. very reminiscent of views of vineyards in the Anderson Valley near the seacoast town of Mendocino in northern California. enjoy your blog.

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