Frigid Sun Kissed Pines Watercolor Sketch


16°F with a windchill of 2°F

The sun paints pines with toasty colors,
But does nothing to the raw wind.
The steady wind numbs.
And pine needles shave the ice.

I love warm colors in the wintertime. You especially see it right before or during sunset… the sun casts yellow, orange, and pinks on white cold snow…or reds blazing on tree bark…yet it’s frigid out. The sun gives the illusion of warmth, but our skin knows better.


  1. I absolutely love this, the painting and the sensitive words. I really miss this kind of winter, living in Texas. When I visit my parents in St. Louis around wintertime I occasionally dip into this kind of weather (last Thanksgiving, actually). I got to paint snow falling on cedars, and couldn’t get enough. I did three watercolor sketches in three days. Thanks for posting this.

    1. Thanks David! Yes, there is such beauty in winter. I think if I lived without winter I would be heartbroken. But in all honesty it wears you out at the end when you want Spring to hurry up!

  2. Absolutely love this! Your poem is beautiful and so descriptive. I can completely relate, as an Alaskan! I recently posted a blog post called Winter’s Palette. Looks like we had the same thoughts about the warm colors of winter.

    I am definitely going to peruse your blog and try to work up the courage to put a brush to paper! It’s one area of art I feel so insecure in.

    1. Thank you Mary Anne! I like your middle name…Anne with an “e” that’s my middle name! Ha ha ha! Your words are so sweet. Never feel insecure about art…just do it! There is no “right” and “wrong” or creativity not good enough. Your art comes from your heart and soul and is an expression of that soul. I bet you have TONS of great material to work on living in Alaska. Wow!!! That must be beautiful!!!!!!! Thanks for commenting. 😀

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