Sycamore Stands Alone Winter Watercolor Sketch


Oh Winter Sycamore~
Your camouflage skin failed.
You grew it in vain.
Against the black of pine, you radiate in contrast.
But I like that unlikeness about you, your nonconformity…
Don’t hide it. Be distinct.
It’s your calling.

The sycamore tree has a very unusual bark pattern. It looks just like camouflage. From a distance you would think this tree has some snow on its branches, but it does not.

Ironically, its camouflage trait is exactly what caught my eye the day I spotted it against a thick plot of pines.

As an introverted artist, I am just like this sycamore in the poem. I hate having attention on me, I try to blend in as much as possible and be quiet, but all I do is stick out even more. Ha ha ha!

Here’s to being unique and sticking out!
Be true.



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