Free Encouraging Artwork

In this world we will have problems. That’s a guarantee. While we shouldn’t run to people to fix our problems, they are fallible and broken themselves, we can always run to God. He is unchanging and infallible.  He is the same yesterday, today, and tomorrow…His name is Everlasting Father. So as promised from the last post, here are 7 verses to meditate on. Choose the subject specific to your need….

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When feeling overwhelmed:


Meditate on these words, believe them. God can give you the wisdom to know what your next step should be. When we feel overwhelmed, it’s as if the circuits in our brain are overloaded. We can’t see clearly and may feel stuck or paralyzed. Submit your overwhelmed feelings to God and wait for direction.


When you need hope:


In this passage, “fear” does not mean feeling scared, it means to have reverence or awe. He delights in us when we put our hope in Him.

When you are feeling depressed:


This is my favorite verse because of what God showed me. Jesus, who voluntarily took human form to suffer for our sins, felt this emotion Himself. Look what is says when Jesus saw Martha and Mary weeping for their dead brother Lazarus: Therefore, when Jesus saw her weeping, and the Jews who came with her weeping, He groaned in the spirit and was troubled. John 11:33 In verse 35 it says: Jesus wept.
Doesn’t depression feel like a groan in the spirit? Our Lord experienced it all. He groaned, he cried, he felt pain. He is not some far away God sitting on a cloud waiting to strike bad people down. He’s compassionate because he feels our pain.
AND because of His mercies, we are not consumed. Depression will not consume us. Anxiety will not consume us if we rest on God.

When you are dealing with a health issue:


If you are having health issues that are not being diagnosed (no one to help) this verse is good to meditate on. We also can take comfort in an earlier passage in Psalms. In Psalm 68:19 it says that the Lord daily bears our burdens. We don’t always receive an answer to why we go through things at times, but we do know that our God is compassionate to our struggles daily.

When feeling melancholy:


In moments of sadness our minds and hearts are not at peace. If we can focus on God and praise him in the midst of feeling down, it can break strongholds. With God we can attain perfect peace.

When feeling fearful and needing strength: (this is the original and colors scanned different than prints)


Our God is not asleep! He’s active. He wants to show Himself strong on your behalf! He is seeking you. This is an excellent verse to quell anxiety, fear, and those moments when we feel weak.

When needing encouragement to keep going:


Sometimes we can feel run down emotionally. Remember, we are not storing treasures on earth but in heaven where moth nor rust can touch them. Keep going! You’re doing great!

Posting these 7 verses does not mean that I have mastered any of them. I am broken and need them desperately.  I have to review them over and over and over again. I also fall into the same holes periodically and need to revisit why I did so and ask God to help me again. Some people like to view Christians as people who think they are perfect. The truth is, we are sinners saved by what Christ accomplished on the cross, nothing else. Meditating on scripture helps me to get back on track in this life. I hope it helps you as well.

These pieces are free and you may download as many as you want. Print them out for encouragement for yourself or print them and give them to a friend in need.


  1. Thank you so much for the print of your artwork and your thoughts and artwork in general! I shared time and coffee with my friend who has been so depressed and wary of being with others, and she was so much better today! Thank you for your prayers and encouragement. Blessings to you. Jane Uzzell.

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