Summer Vitality Watercolor


I’m having a difficult time feeling as alive as summer does. That’s as honest as the sun is hot. I sit in amazement watching bright yellow American Goldfinches flit from purple thistle to purple thistle, always singing a cheery tune. I notice insects scampering with excitement. Butterflies flutter in a swirling dance. I see fish jump and flip above the water surface as if playing just for the fun of it.

The energy of summer escapes me. I feel more like winter, wanting to retreat more and more. But being in the middle of nature, drenched in all of its energy is good. An ounce of it sticks with me without even realizing it. It is good. It is uplifting and I must do more of it.


  1. This is a sweet and inspiring painting, Christine. I am trying to do a tiny painting every day but thus far I just keep ordering art supplies from Blicks. I would like to know where this place is, or is it just in your imagination?

    1. Thank you, Alanna 😀 The place is Songbird Slough in Itasca, IL. Small but beautiful. One day we should sketch there. You’re funny……stay away from the art supply store!!! LOL

  2. What a pretty scene. You can revisit it every time you look in this painting. In light of the tragedies this week, a botanical garden in our state capital waived the admission fee for anyone who needed to take a walk in nature. I guess they know the healing power it holds.

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