Hidden Lake Watercolor – It is Well with My Soul


Driving home and not intending on stopping, something told me it was deeply necessary. Necessary because the world depends on it? Well, no. But rather necessary because my soul needed it. It’s been a while.

But I don’t have time!
But I’m expected home right now!
Stop anyway.

With art supplies in the back seat, I was able to focus on this scene and contemplate nature…the way the horizon looks a tinge peach even though I am facing east and it’s an hour from sunset…the way the dried golden grasses reflect in the water…the way the tiny foreground tree has tiny gnarly twigs…
And suddenly it is well with my soul.

I am learning lately to relinquish control and listen to that still small voice. I cannot fail if I trust in God even if I cannot fully see the situation. Today was a favorable situation and I enjoyed my quick impromptu painting, but can I still have that same positive attitude with a less favorable condition? Do I trust? Can I let go of control? Will it still be well with my soul?

Now that would be some kind of faith.

To trust in God, to trust He has a plan even when things don’t go my way or perhaps when suffering is involved, if total control is relinquished, that’s not only courageous faith, but peace and freedom too. And that faith will not go unaided, for He said:
“My grace is sufficient for you, for My power is made perfect in weakness.”
2 Cor 12:9


10 Comments on “Hidden Lake Watercolor – It is Well with My Soul

  1. Great choice to stop and carve out some time for yourself, your art, and nature! You set a good example. I love the tiny gnarly twigs, too!

    • Thank you! I think if we don’t force ourselves to make time, it hurts us in the long run….I can feel it when I’m away from painting too long.

  2. Your art and words always bring peace to my soul, and usually something(s) to think about, too. Thank you for taking the time to paint and to post!

  3. Enjoy and appreciate your art and words of inspiration. Danine

  4. I discovered your blog recently while I was searching for examples of watercoloring nature. I subscribed because I loved your art work, but then I got my first post and I was even happier because you connect your work with your spirituality. Both your art and your reflections are so welcome in my life.

  5. Diane, I am so glad you enjoy and have an appreciation for the spiritual side of my artwork…it’s very rewarding to share and give God the glory.

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