Magnolia Buds Lie in Wait Watercolor


To have patience.
To lie in wait.

This autumn magnolia tree already has it’s buds ready for next spring. Why does this happen? The tree’s buds are encased in a heavy fur scale, Soft on the outside with little silver hairs and extremely hard underneath protecting the tender bud.

But why are we seeing buds in autumn? It’s not spring yet.

Yes, that’s correct. Think about the beauty in this design…..take a moment and fall in love with it.

Long nights trigger the tree to stop growth and food production. The tree loses its leaves, the energy factory. The tree is dormant all winter. Then when spring arrives, the ground is still frozen. How can the tree draw up water for production? After dormancy, the tree has no leaves. Where can the tree get energy to produce buds?

Because the tree produced the bud in late summer and designed a hard shell to protect it, it’s ready to explode in spring. They’re like little energy packets ready to go.

Isn’t that amazing?

Something we learn in grade school still takes my breath away. I hope I never cease to be amazed by nature.

Buds at rest.

Neighbor’s magnolia tree.

The way nature can lie in wait, teaches me patience. I fail often with patience because I have this illusion of control. Many times instead of waiting, I take over, thinking I am in control. Maybe waiting is most beneficial thing to do?

Do you have an amazing aspect of nature you can share? Something that still takes your breath away?


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