Black Squirrel White Snow Watercolor


Black squirrels are not common in Chicago. I’ve only seen two in my lifetime, so you can imagine how jubilant I was to find one running in my own backyard. Happy like a little child.

Nature has that way about it….to make you young again when you least expect it. To catch you off guard and uplift your heart for simply being nature.

I want more of that.

The black squirrel is an Eastern Gray Squirrel or Fox Squirrel, with a genetic mutation called melanism. Melanin is the black pigment in the skin and fur. They seem to be more common in the north, in cold climates. So, not impossible in my area but certainly not common.

What a pleasant surprise!


  1. I saw my first black squirrel in MI while on holiday … and fell in love with the quick litrle shadows as they bolted across the lawn – – I’ve seen them since in my own neighborhood – darting across streets and skittering among the branches. I’ve seen them recently (before the big snow); they are waging turf wars with the English Sparrows among the feeders

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