The Song of Spring Watercolor


To enjoy the song of spring, it cannot be played on an iPhone or any other artificial electronic device. That would be an insult to your ears.

To see a male rose-breasted grosbeak look you in the eye and hear him bicker at you for being too close to his turf is a very intimate moment.
To feel a warm whiff of air gently shake May apples, quiver bluebells, and hear their friction on grasses surrounding them is sacred.
To hear the squawk of 3 blue jays flying above your head at great speed, only to catch a quick glimpse, is like having secret sparkly jewels in your pocket.
And that one lonely chorus frog, in a muddy stream, who solemnly sang to himself…. well… he wasn’t alone. I considered myself blessed, grasping his tune in my heart.

This is the song of spring.
I thanked the Father for being saturated in His love.

Nature is healing. Technology cannot compare.

Song of Spring


  1. lone birdhouse hanging in the wind … two wrens have claimed it for their children


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