Waterfall Glen in Watercolor Pencils


The air is heavy with humidity, the sun hot on your skin, but the rushing sound of water provides a cool comfort as if there’s relief within touch. And there is.
The heat did not seem to bother the monarchs flitting in between the leaves of the tree next to the falls. Their wings so thin, light illuminates through orange patches, just like stained glass. They glide, swirl, and swivel among green, dancing high on tree tops.
The heat didn’t bother blue damsel flies either. They dash quickly on the ground in and out of sun and shadow creating sapphire flashes of light. Gems on wings.

Those are the beauties that make heat bearable and me come back for more.

On this day I had a picnic with a friend at Waterfall Glen, part of the DuPage County Forest Preserves in Darien, IL. I forgot my watercolor travel bag and only had access to watercolor pencils…something I rarely use. But change is good. It’s healthy to step out of your comfort zone and practice with different medias.

Try changing your style up a bit and see what happens. Playing is fun.


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