Rain Created Watercolor


Are you one to despair on a gloomy day? Does the weather hold you as a prisoner in your own home? Please, let me charm you on the joys of a rainy day. Yes, joy.

The forest is alive, even without leaves on the trees, with the deafening sound of pelting rain. It vibrates and echos all around me. The icy rain pelts the frozen ground but is warm enough to melt the last remaining snow.

I am alone with the wet trees. I feel like a child again. Is it a good idea to be walking in the cold rain after recently recovering from a cold? Probably not, but that’s what children do… throw caution to the wind in favor of fun. And I’m having it. I feel alive. As alive as this forest.

I play in the rain and I paint with the rain. The above watercolor painting was done with the rain. After my walk, half soaked, for my raincoat did not cover my legs, I sat in my car and painted one layer, then held the painting outside the window…. let dry, painted another layer, then held the painting outside the window, painted the final layer, and again asked the rain for help. The rain obliged and created lovely drips and blooms. I am so grateful.

Let the rain entertain you and play a soothing sound…

Then look around and see every limb dressed with strings of diamond rain drops. Take your hood off for a second and feel a cold wet kiss on your cheeks. Feel alive.

Happy New Year to all my art and nature friends out there! May 2019 bring you peace, creativity, and definitely moments to make you feel alive again. GO get them!



  1. I loooooove the rain lol☁⚡☔… Just the smell of the water drops on the sand make me feel happy just like that! Your paintings are amazing..I enjoyed reading this and agreed with you from the first line 😉☔⚡☁
    I sometimes sleep with the headphone on lisening to rainymood it’s a website that plays rain sounds along with birds or waves etc as if it is raining now lol (they’ve got the app for it too)
    Have a blessing and happy new year🎉

  2. What a lovely experience, thank you for sharing it with us! I too have painted in the rain, but not intentionally–the rain opened up on me while I was “plein air” painting. I thought “Oh well, it’s all water anyway!” I hope your 2019 is lovely, thank you again!

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