Little Leaved Linden and Nature Journal Club – 3 New Artists

Yes, I’m obsessed with trees. Especially in autumn, my favorite season. Each with its own character, saying something different, they draw me in closer. On this day, I decided to paint the Little Leaved Linden (Tilia cordata), aka Little Leaf Linden. This tree has heart shaped leaves just like its relative, the American Linden (T. americana) aka Basswood, although the leaf itself is smaller.

Nuthatch calls ring out in the midst of those heart shaped leaves, which are just beginning to turn yellow. The trunk is healing itself. Where a branch was cut off, wound wood grows, bubbling over the cut, like scar tissue.

I hope you are enjoying the beginning of autumn. Hurry! It wont last long.


The purpose of a nature journal club is to inspire others to enjoy nature through art and journaling. Today we have 3 new artists. Please visit their blogs:

Aneta from Pennsylvania
Aneta states: “I want to honor the Lord in all my nature related art.”
That sentiment and her nature artwork is beautiful!
Aneta’s blog:

L. Riddell
L.Riddell states: ” Painting nature truly is a reflection of my devotion to and admiration of my God who created everything and called it ‘very good’.”
You can find more beautiful artwork here:

Marches Country Lady – Welsh Marches, UK
I enjoy following Marches Country Lady and her gorgeous artwork.
You can explore more of her artwork here:

I would like to thank all of the lovely artists who contributed their artwork and blogs!


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