Trio of Trees and Sacrifice

I know of a trio of trees. Of this trio, every autumn, the middle one loses half of its leaves. Exactly half and always on the right side.

Today the rain comes down hard and with it a handful of leaves, scattering them to the ground – future free fertilizer.

Inside dry and warm, vanilla green tea steams from my cup, warm apple crisp sits nearby on a porcelain plate. The aroma of hot apple and cinnamon hangs in the air. Raindrops heard from an open window, takes the form of a musical instrument as Gregorian Chant plays on my stereo.

I watch the rain pelt the pumpkins outside.

The trio, they watch too. They witness the rain, the hawk that landed on one of its branches, the squirrel that ran up the another trunk. They witness time, seasons, me, and souls coming and going.

Does anyone else see them?

The trio reminds me of the Trinity: Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. Always watching. Sacrificing. Always there.

Does anyone else see them?

Sacrifice. Life for life.

How do we survive on this planet? We cannot produce our own food. We do not have the ability to photosynthesize. We must take a life. Even if one does not eat meat, the plant that is eaten must die to give that one life.

So, is it any wonder that a life would be required for eternal life? No. It all makes sense now. Jesus sacrificed His life as he took the form of a man, did no wrong, yet suffered for all who will accept. A free gift. Forgiven, because of a sacrifice on a cross, a tree really. Free fertilizer for the soul.


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  1. Pacing

    An inch of first snow
    is falling in Chicago,
    here; along the lake-
    shore … ice forms; we crunch
    it underfoot. A breeze splashes
    over us. We bow,
    with broad and sweeping gesture,
    to let it pass.

  2. fascinating. it heightens my desire to walk around outside – celeste and i share the sounds of fall – leaves breaking under our feet … the breezes the branches can’t catch … that we can’t either –

    we are waiting for the sandhill cranes to pass overheadf

  3. I could almost hear the rain and smell the crisp, and your lovely reflection was food and drink for the soul. Exquisite sketch as well. Thanks, Christine, and God bless you!! 😊

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