Chorus Frogs Sing – Watercolor

That song.
The chant of chorus frogs that stops you in your tracks as you hike in the woods. Such a bold sound coming from such a tiny frog…so small your eyes can’t find them even if you try and I did try. When you hear this sound, you know it’s spring.

The watercolor sketch is of the frogs’ vernal pool. I learned that it’s proper to call it a vernal pool and not an ephemeral pond. An ephemeral pond describes a temporary pond any time of the year but a vernal pool only exists in the springtime. And that is exactly what we have.

I hope this post uplifts your spirits at this time. The chorus frogs are doing their job out there…reproducing! And if you cannot get out to hear them, you can do so here.
Happy spring.


  1. So Beautiful! Thank you for sharing and inspiring us all to ‘see’ and ‘listen’ to our surroundings…and maybe even try our hand at putting words and ‘marks’ on paper. ❤

  2. Those frogs are just what thrills me every spring. Thanks for your video with sound. I have both a vernal pond and a creek here at the farm so too can enjoy that thrill every year. God is good!

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