Cup Fungi Watercolor

What a mouth-opening surprise I had when I found these cute cup fungi growing in my own yard! What’s so neat about these fungi? Why, let me explain their coolness. First, they look like tiny cups on the ground. Awwwwwww. Second, they want it to rain. For when it rains, drops hit the inside of the cup splashing spores out of the cup and onto the ground. What a neat reproductive strategy. Most fungi use wind as a means of spore dispersal. I believe these are common brown cup (Peziza badioconfusa), but there are many different types so I could be wrong.

Yesterday it had rained the whole day. I went outside to see if the cups were filled with water, and sure enough they were…

Can you see the rainwater in the cup?

They come in amazing twisted cup shapes. Each cup looks slightly different. I have about 7 of them in my mulch.

I hope you are able to find this beautiful and neat fungus where you are at and I hope you find some water inside!


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