It’s a Boy! Update on Polyphemus Cocoon

Do you remember last year when a Polyphemus caterpillar visited my house? (Click on the link to see post with video of caterpillar eating maple leaves.) I was completely shocked as I just happened to find it on my siding. Suddenly, in a matter of minutes it spun a silk cocoon right there. Worried a racoon would eat the cocoon before it hatched because it was so close to the ground, I protected it with a barrier.

That was August 15, 2019. I had no idea it would overwinter! I assumed it would emerge in a couple of weeks, but it did not.

Sometime during December or January, we had a sever winter storm with strong winds. The gust knocked down my barrier AND the cocoon. I just happened to find the cocoon about 20 feet away. As I picked it up, the cocoon rattled inside. As if there was a hard ball inside…you could literally shake the cocoon and hear something inside. Wanting to protect this cocoon, not knowing if it would even make it, I placed it inside a flower box.

It remained for 10 months….until TODAY!!!!! He emerged!! And it’s a boy!!

Funny, I didn’t even recognize him hanging from the ceiling of my front porch. I asked my son, who is 6’5″, to knock off that brown leaf. He said, “That’s not a leaf, that’s a moth.”

Me: “What?!?” Could it? Is it? Is it my Polyphemus? It’s huge!

I ran to the flower box to examine the old cocoon. Sure enough I found an exit hole!

(cocoon is on the far right)

IT IS HIM!!!! ❤ ❤ ❤

I know it’s a male because his antennae are huge, like giant feathers. He is beautiful, but he wont live long. As a matter of fact, this moth will only live about 1-2 weeks. His sole mission is to find a female and mate. He wont even eat a speck during this time.

I am so thankful to my Heavenly Father for allowing me to host a place where this Polyphemus moth can overwinter, emerge, and fly away. He should leave tonight as they are nocturnal.

Well wishes my moth friend.



  1. CONGRATULATIONS! What a Beautiful Story! Thank you so very much for helping to bring this lovely creature into our world. I am just sorry his lifespan is so short. But, he instinctually knows why he is here. Very Happy News during our COVID-19 Pandemic Quarantine. Thank you for bringing this JOY into my email box today. I wish him God Speed in his search for a mate. Colleen Perry ~ June 14, 2020

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