Fuzzy White Moth Watercolor aka Virginia Tiger Moth

Upon arriving to work in the morning, I was introduced to this very lovely creature...so white, so delicate, so foreign to any kind of moth I've seen before. It was our first meet. Who introduced us? God did when I heard, "look down", as I was running late. Do you think that is crazy talk? … Continue reading Fuzzy White Moth Watercolor aka Virginia Tiger Moth


Nature at Lake Katherine Sketch

flora and fauna lake katherine sketchDo you want to go on a virtual field trip with me to Lake Katherine?!? Fascinating nature is ooozing from every corner this time of year and we're loving every inch of it! First, we'll start in the garden. Black-eyed Susans, Purple cone flower, and ornamental grasses surround the butterfly sculpture. And who enjoys … Continue reading Nature at Lake Katherine Sketch

Let’s Paint Some Acorns!

Do you know that nature never ceases to amaze me? How often I hike, how often I notice things around me and it seems that I always discover something new...something different. I hope I never run out of things to discover. I hope I never learn everything. I never want to be a know-it-all. On a simple hike, I … Continue reading Let’s Paint Some Acorns!

Let’s Paint the Chickweed Moth!

Oh Boy! You're really going to love this step by step watercolor painting of how to paint the male chickweed moth because it's sooooo EASY! Don't worry...I promise. Step 1: Make a rough sketch in pencil on 140lb. cold press watercolor paper. Step 2: I like the color pink and he does too so just … Continue reading Let’s Paint the Chickweed Moth!

Male Chickweed Moth

I found this handsome fellow on the back splash of my stove. He might be snacking on some bacon grease (just kidding, moths do not eat animal fat). Do you see his beautiful plumose antennae? That distinguishes him as a male. The female only has a regular thread like antennae. With my two cupped hands I … Continue reading Male Chickweed Moth

Plume Moth Sketch

This morning I walked out of my house to go to work and just look who greeted me with a good morning surprise! It's a plume moth! I think it is a Cnaemidophorus rhododactylus Plume Moth, but if you can't pronounce it like myself, than don't worry about it! Well, I was so excited that … Continue reading Plume Moth Sketch