When snow turns to rain – watercolor

winter watercolor of tree and field

It is a spiritual thing to walk in the woods while it rains. You are alone with your thoughts, the drops echoing under your hood, and the Lord walks by your side…

The other day I awoke to a fresh blanket of snow on the ground. I never tire of that happy childlike feeling I get as I open the curtains and gasp in awe. I knew I had to get to the woods before it melted because the rain was coming.

The rain saturates leaves on the ground giving them a distinct earthy aroma. Rain keeps most visitors away, encouraging wildlife to come out. Rain also makes designs on the snow as it’s melting it, sort of like pockmarks. I love walking in the rain after snow.

winter landscape
Winter landscape. Part of the DuPage Forest Preserves.

This photo was the inspiration for the watercolor. The ground was quickly being exposed. I snapped the photo and painted at home.

Hopefully you can get out and enjoy the season…even if you can’t walk about, just sitting in your car in nature can help.

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