Flying Drop of Sunshine Harvesting – Watercolor

the flying drop of sunshine harvests seeds

He harvests.
When needed, nourishment.
He has no currency…
Nor concern to buy and sell.
Provided for
ministered by
and loved.
Just like you.

ripe purple coneflower

Friends, take courage. Do not lose hope. Things in the world may be troubling, but be of good cheer.
The Redeemer, the Lord Jesus Christ has overcome the world. He came to suffer, to pay for the sins of every being born…no matter what background, race, gender, so that we can be pure before God if we accept our debt paid, free of charge, by Him who overcame the grave.

And guess what? Shhhhhh…At the end of time, when everything shall come to pass, Jesus wins in the end. Revelations 19:11-21.

Be of good cheer.

This male American goldfinch (Carduelis tristis), taught me this lesson when I saw him feast on my purple coneflowers (Echinacea purpurea). He flitted from flower to flower confiscating seeds, sometimes with a tiny shake of the head. Without words, he reminded me to lay my worries down. And just like that, they evaporated with the wind.


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