Autumn Waits Not – watercolor

future tiny house

It wasn’t there and then it was.
Or more likely, I was too busy to pay attention.


The season that demands your attention,
With its showiness and all.
And somehow I didn’t make time for it.

But on this day it seized my gaze and wouldn’t let go.

Trees were dressed to impress.
Flickers of yellow-golden glitter danced on a breeze.
The reds packed a punch.

My foolish ignorance stung me still,
For autumn waits for no one.

And now the winds and rains stripped the beauty bare.
The trees, they lost their garments,
Glittering not from the sun.

For autumn waits for no one.

Today brought the blessings of rain, but the downfall of stripping the leaves on the trees. I’ll take the rain! It’s been so very dry here. But I had to lament my neglect of appreciating autumn this year, hence the poem.

The painting is of some young maples behind the shed, which one day will become a tiny house. A tiny house by the pond.

before the leaves left

Enjoy autumn, my friends, before it’s gone!

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