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Affordable Art Sale

Huge art sale just in time for Christmas! Do you want to give original fine art as a gift but think you can’t afford it? You might be surprised at how reasonable it can be. All pastel paintings will be 25% off from November… Continue Reading “Affordable Art Sale”

Junco Dies and It’s My Fault

Cooper’s Hawk (1) Junco (0) RIP Mr. Junco, I’m sorry. This picture was taken just seconds before his death. Now, I’m all for the Cooper’s Hawk killing it’s prey for food, don’t get me wrong, but not when it’s my fault. Here’s what happened:… Continue Reading “Junco Dies and It’s My Fault”

Let’s Paint the Cooper’s Hawk!

Obsessed with the hawk every minute of the day since he stopped by for a visit, I just had to make a painting…so let’s go! Step 1: I never sketch out my painting on a separate piece of paper, but  just sketch it right… Continue Reading “Let’s Paint the Cooper’s Hawk!”

Cooper’s Hawk 1 Mourning Dove 0

Holy Cow! Look what I found out my window: I know this is a Cooper’s Hawk and not a Sharp-Shinned Hawk because it was ginormous (like my scientific term?), had a long tail, and that tail was rounded as opposed to a square tipped… Continue Reading “Cooper’s Hawk 1 Mourning Dove 0”