Cooper’s Hawk 1 Mourning Dove 0

Holy Cow! Look what I found out my window:

I know this is a Cooper’s Hawk and not a Sharp-Shinned Hawk because it was ginormous (like my scientific term?), had a long tail, and that tail was rounded as opposed to a square tipped tail of a sharp-shinned. In this picture you can see his red eye, dove feathers on his bill, and dove carnage in his talons!

With every tear of tissue he popped his head up for a look around. One quick look to the left and one quick look to the right. During his dinner, he even hopped around with the dove, turning his body in a different direction.  My guess is that he was keeping a look out in all directions. Who would get this hawk in a land of song birds? My neighbor’s German Shepard…that’s who!

Class: Can you tell me what’s wrong with this picture?

Was this squirrel born with a deficient dose of caution? This dumb squirrel climbed down this tree and kept watching the hawk. At one point he got off and took a few steps towards the hawk.
What up with this?
Is the squirrel taking a closer look? Does he know the hawk won’t pursue him because he is feeding? I wish I knew a little more about animal behavior.

I’m leaving the grossest for last…….

EEEEWW! Eew! That’s a nice piece of dove guts! Long and stringy.

I successfully grossed out my children and their friends with this picture, but quickly explained to them the nature of things on the food chain. In the animal world, something is always above you on the food chain. The raptor just had to do what the raptor does!


  1. Nature is red in tooth & claw, as they say. As for “what’s wrong with this picture,” it would be that the rat b@$t@rd squirrel’s alive & not meeting the same fate as the poor, sweet dove. 😉
    Sorry for my long, recent absence, btw. Been busy in offline life. My best to you & yours in 2009!

  2. Ran across your blog when I did a ‘tag’ search this morning based on a recent post of mine relating to the infamous Cooper’s Hawk. I spent a brief time looking around and immediately connected with your observance of nature.

    I originally visited and left but then kept thinking, “Why didn’t you leave a message idiot! You liked her blog and that’s what blogs are for!” So…I came back!!

    Men….Go Figure!!

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