Herb Spiral Watercolor Sketch

What is an herb spiral? Well, it's like a garden bed except instead of a raised box with plants planted in rows, it's a circle and the plants are planted in a spiral pattern, allowing you to grow more in little space. What you can't see it that it spirals on an incline, so the … Continue reading Herb Spiral Watercolor Sketch


My Fern Has Spots Sketch

No, it doesn't have a disease. Yes, "EWWW" was my first response when I looked underneath the frond and realized I was touching the spots. 🙂 Actually, my fern is fertile. Yay! The spots under the fronds are called sori (plural). Each sorus (singular) is filled with spores. When there is enough moisture, the spores will release … Continue reading My Fern Has Spots Sketch

Backyard Garden Sketch

Do you remember a few months ago when I failed big time on harvesting black walnuts?  My harvest resulted in much work and no payoff. Zip. Nada. And to tell you the truth years ago that would have been just enough to discourage me from trying again. I would have believed the negative thoughts in … Continue reading Backyard Garden Sketch